12 Tips for Mental Health During Coronavirus Quarantine

Staying at home all day and changing everyone’s routine can lead to a stressful situation for many people. However, this confinement recommended by the Ministry of Health to prevent the transmission of Coronavirus is extremely necessary at this time. Therefore, we sought some tips from psychologist Elise Trindade to face these days of social isolation.

Follow the tips and take care of yourself, in addition to taking care of those you love, especially the elderly, who are the biggest risk group.

1- Try to maintain a routine, even indoors, establishing times for activities;

2- Wake up at the same time as usual, do not wear pajamas, in the case of the home office, dress as if you were going to work and keep a work environment in a specific and organized area;

3- Try to diversify your activities during the day, such as reading, studying, working, watching grades, playing, cooking, exercising, writing, etc.

4- Even at home, perform physical activity (there are many training programs on the internet). Yoga is an excellent option too, as it works both physical and mental aspects simultaneously;

5- Avoid watching newspapers and alarmist news, seek only the important information for the moment;

6- Keep a social, telephone or virtual contact with family, friends and colleagues;

7- Do not sleep more than 8 hours a day;

8- Take the opportunity to cook healthy foods, test new recipes and develop cooking skills;

9- Try to carry out an activity that you always dreamed of and didn’t have time, learn a new language, a musical instrument, write a book or the like;

10- Exercise tolerance and empathic capacity, try to put yourself in the other’s shoes and be more flexible;

11- Do not use alcoholic beverages more than usual, trying to avoid them whenever possible;

12- Learn to live with boredom, this is also important.

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